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FAU Tutorials and Virtual Lab Activities

Image: FlaskIn the following activities, you will be using the ChemCollective virtual laboratory. This software allows you to design and carry out your own experiments, much as you would in a real chemistry lab. This flexible simulation will run on most computers without any additional installation. (The virtual lab requires the Java Plug-In and the Firefox web browser. If you do not already have it installed, the page will prompt you with download instructions). Before you begin, please watch the 3-minute instructional video which shows how to use the virtual lab.

Using the Virtual Lab

  • Virtual Lab Demonstration Movie: A 3 minute YouTube video describing how to use the virtual lab.

  • Required Java software for Windows | Required Java software for Macintosh
    The Virtual lab requires the Java plug-in. If the experiment pages do not load completely, you may need to install this software on your computer. Note: The Virtual lab will run on Windows or Macintosh OS 10.6 or higher

  • Windows and Macintosh users: please use FireFox web browser.
    Errors have been reported when using the Chrome web browsers.

Activities and Experiments

Please if you have any technical problems with the activity.

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